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the home of the lights the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly the taj was the coolest coromandel you can a letter to the socialist good to see don't need to go and. read this in the county was her job as a retreat. today's top stories on the review of the week here on our t.v. and a very somber task of recovery rescuers are preparing to lift a russian cruiser from the bottom of the volga river sank in a matter of minutes last sunday claiming around one hundred thirty dollars. relatives and investigators are all looking for answers as to why the ship sunk so fast we'll bring you all the details from the recovery site in just a moment. the apologies keep on coming so do the arrests rupert murdoch once again says sorry for the phone hacking by one of his british papers as his former c.e.o. in the u.k. is detained by police. banking on change libyan rebels now have full diplomatic
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recognition from washington and with access to the colonel gadhafi assets frozen in the u.s. . and the intercontinental cash crunch as america faces up to the possibility of default europe's debt crisis contagion piles and more pressure on the euro. or the stories that made headlines this week you're watching the weekly here on out see it's been described as the biggest boating disaster in russia's modern history in the space of just three minutes a pleasure cruiser with two hundred eight people on board went down in the volga river taking of a half its passengers with it nearly one hundred thirty people were killed many of them children the operation to raise the ship from the bottom is underway as artist
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on battle reports. the bulgaria is still under the water at the moment behind me you can probably see the tops of two enormous cranes that have been brought up from further downstream and they're attached to them or is it an enormous cable that goes down and is threaded underneath the ship and that cable is going to be used first of all at the moment divers and the crane teams are in the process of trying to write so that all garrett was leaned on his left side and then once they've riced it they'll be able to start to lift it up a lot of the complications that divers are facing are due to the way under speed the ship sank. firstly the fact that it's on its left side will mean that divers will have to go under that left side as it's righted first of all to check that the ship is structurally sound to be right to be raised and also to try and look for some of the fifteen bodies which are still to be accounted for which still haven't been found then once they start to raise the ship divers are going to have to first
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of all try and find essentially the hole to let in all the water and some of the ship once they have found out they'll want to seal that hole and all the other counts on the ship so that once it's partially raise they'll be able to pump out the water from the ship making it light enough to raise it more easily a very complex operation visibility in the water is very poor for the divers there's a lot of algae in the water at this time and so it's proving to be a drawn out process but one that is crucial for all those people waiting for answers a mountain of cuddly toys never to be played with they the flowers and candles a testament to the children among those who drowned when the pleasure boat to bulgaria sank in the polls last sunday. we started together for a year she never had arguments with anyone she was a very kind girl and was always really to help. ships. sank in just three minutes
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turning a summer afternoon on the river into a scene of horror. is that people were basically buried alive in time rattle coffin we managed to get out through the windows i was there with my ten year old daughter i couldn't rescue her she swallowed too much water when i was pulled out i realized my child was gone in the chaos to escape and many other families were also torn apart one five year old boy lost his mother and grandmother and was only kept afloat by a man who grabbed his hand another man unable to hold on to his son in the strong current oil slick had to watch him drown in front of him yuri was the deejay for the disco on the bottom deck he only just managed to escape but. i remember clearly that water was rising very quickly it was a matter of seconds i survived because we saw a broken window in the cellar started pushing people out through it at that moment
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because we opened the surface and then saw that the boat was already underwater. over half the bulgaria's two hundred eight passengers and crew including the captain his wife and child never made it out meanwhile as the arabella another pleasure boat arrived at the scene she was surrounded by people screaming and drowning unable to reach the banks of the vast river three kilometers away. as we approached it was hard to distinguish in the dark water people who were alive from the rubble that was floating around people were in a panic when we rescued them in a state of shock some suffering from other traumas they were all covered in oil fuel that was leaking from the sunken ship it was a terrifying picture i have to say despite a huge search and rescue operation after the initial survivors were picked up here were others found. the divers and cranes working in this water have been trying to recover just something of the lives lost and families destroyed in those few
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terrible minutes but they've also been working on the question of cost so much why did the bulgaria sink and sink so fast. as the list of bodies recovered from the ship grew so did the number of revelations about an aging dangerous and badly managed vessel eyewitnesses people connected with the ship came forward with damning accounts of its poor condition and the stingy management forced it to keep sailing. i became captain of the vessel in two thousand and seven the ship had neede been renovated for a while before that there were big problems with the engines and power generators to repeatedly mention that to the management and even had an argument with them port authorities say they were lied to the ship was only supposed to carry one hundred forty people but was loaded with over two hundred they were told it was carrying twenty more tales of bound including a broken engine electricity generators failing so that no s.o.s.
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signal or tunnel instructions could be issued and blocked emergency exits criminal cases have been opened and arrests being made into the bulgaria sinking and more controversially into why two ships which reached the scene before the arabella didn't pick up a single person reports the crew members instead took pictures on their mobile phones. all the passengers were shocked there were about seventeen people on a raft and many had cuts and injuries that were bleeding when we yelled for help i saw the board passers by in a different direction towards. the slow process of raising the bulgaria has now started up with it will come the potential for answers but also terrible memories in particular associated with the ships plane or a group of children were gathered when the ship sank. just some of the young
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victims in what will go down as one of russia's worst and most of voidable shipping disasters tom bottom. of a couple of issue. who helped to rescue seventy seven people from the sinking has been describing the horrific disaster scene interview with us you can see it in full in about twenty minutes time or find online right now at our website r.t. dot com has all the latest reports on the intense search and recovery operations since the tragedy happened you can get out of there and while you're online or remember to check out our you tube channel all of our videos of the sound which machine. if.
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you're watching the weekly on our say the former c.e.o. of rupert murdoch's a british newspaper or operation has been arrested by police investigating allegations of phone hacking and bribery rebecca brooks is the tenth person to be detained in connection with the scandal that's engulfed the now defunct news of the world it comes as prime minister david cameron has admitted he's held more than twenty meetings with murdoch executives in the past year is now desperately trying to rescue news cause crumbling reputation today the media mogul made a second apology for the phone hacking scandal he already admitted serious wrong doing on the pages of british newspapers but the family of a murdered teenager whose voicemail was intercepted and it's always a lore and reports it is a watershed moment for the cozy relationship between britain's politicians and press they put every media outlet in t.v.
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we read you even the great. imitates life the long running simpsons takes a short it's own no rupert murdoch aka montgomery. burns in an episode broadcast apparently coincidentally this week. but it's not the only piece of timing in the extraordinary phone hacking case that seems to get more scandalous every day the list of something like four thousand names which the police have had since about two thousand and forty thousand and five and yet they promise facie evidence of criminal activity by these individuals and boy or the murdoch empire and yet they've not acted on it so why now just as the murdoch deal to take control of satellite t.v. giant b. sky b. look sure to go ahead his rival the guardian newspaper releases catastrophic
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allegations of amoral journalists and their shady practices that when the deal collapses the times for example which currently loses money you could have transferred some of the profits from. into investing in the times and if you will for example the. guardian or the daily telegraph. that it's not just rival newspapers who stand to gain from murdoch's empire crumbling the b.b.c. could retake t.v. territory lost to b. sky b. and the labor party which was wounded by years of relentless attacks by murdoch papers can finally take revenge but where will all this lead. him. that would suit the government just fine the british press is famous for its
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shop teeth and no holds barred doggedness particularly where its own government is concerned prime minister david cameron has all but shut down the press complaints commission and already. talks of statutory controls to govern print journalists back in springfield mr byrne this as the townspeople open up their own newspaper and he's almost right we. can truly love the media. he is really beautiful and murdoch found as did mr perkins that you just can't buy all the newspapers those outside his control have been gunning for him think it is and this time they may have succeeded just as he looks set to consolidate control over a lot section of the case media markets the drugs being pulled out from under him and it's all over the hidden scandal now reveals that the police have known about it for years you were at its hot seat. and i still have for you this hour here are
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three worries about that default examine why us is on the brink of a financial nightmare what it might do to try and avoid it. and the desire to palestinian settlement that's due to be turned into a luxury community for israel. when you round of nato airstrikes has rattled the suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli as kind of gadhafi never to leave his country in the face of assaults by the alliance and the rebels this comes after the opposition became a legitimate authority in the country in the eyes of more nations the u.s. and more than thirty other states recognize them at a diplomatic meeting on friday saying they would be all with them until an interim government is in place a recognition by the contact group on libya also gives the rebels access to billions of dollars of qaddafi's frozen assets in u.s. banks political commentator ted rall says the move is a radical shift from the international standpoint. the united states usually
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doesn't extend diplomatic recognition to the regime that is not in the capital and it isn't and it doesn't even seem likely to be able to achieve any time soon. but you can look at the situation in afghanistan during the one nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and one civil conflict there between the taliban and the northern alliance the northern alliance were the former regime that had power in kabul and the interior diplomatic relations with the west even though the taliban controlled ninety five percent of the country it's almost just wishful thinking and frankly if i were a diplomat i would find it disturbing it's a bizarre situation if the u.s. knows who these people are they're not seeing and certainly there's no doubt the traditional way there's always been a very high component of jihadi is in aden around in ghazi so it's unrealistic to assume that that is not still the case the u.s. is going to be easy habit of shipping skids full of hundred dollar bills to third
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world countries and expecting them to end up in the right hands and really going to have. a high level of recognition of the rebels may bolster their spirit but it's a different story and combat fierce fighting for a key eastern oil town has ended with heavy casualties among the opposition that is authorized on which the reports of the thought that france is now trying to talking tactic with the libyan regime offending to have a knockout blow to cut off a. books is like bragging they'll destroy the republicans they're often wrong and gets a mills the surprise i. french foreign minister should pay both to france would we live in quote days or weeks the wars into a fourth month and the final round inside nicolas sarkozy with his western allies seem shocked their little opponents flightsim back well it's not just an environment for soccer i think it's american for. the whole west paris even to me
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it's all being libya's rebels going to turn some somalia. wench to libya for training within the last two or three years that's documented we have the fly record and everything else so it seems strange in many ways the whole western supports some of that will groups in libya must be questioned because in some cases i think we are effectively arming al-qaeda. it's all making a mockery of the un vote on foreign intervention in the country now bailee. giving. none of. this. witnesses need to go of libya's causing widespread atrocities every. military person that was supposedly a casualty there were ten civilians frauds categorically ruled out cindy grilled troops but expose predict is the only way they'll break the libyan deadlock the
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moves are splitting the nato coalition silvio berlusconi head of key partner italy admits invading libya was that mistake russia abstained in the un's vote warning bombs would bring havoc in libya which plays abilities told through counterparts to get love rockwood quote. lloyd lee. with elections just noise months away thought for is that a successful war good result wrecked his chills is instead one paper royds libya's becoming a slow motion call crouch for france's deeply unpopular president. sarkozy's jogging for excessive swith to use understandable this is libyan spring is to. see. the week's top stories here on the weekly at r.t.
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time is running out for american politicians to agree on the next move and sorting out soaring debt the deadline to lift the nation's fourteen point three trillion dollar debt ceiling is moving ever closer as lawmakers struggle to find a compromise president obama is urging democrats and republicans to ignore their differences to avert armageddon leading credit rating agencies saying there's a risk the u.s. could fail to resolve quickly or effectively and even if the budget is approved fundamental just say it's unlikely to solve america's debt you know and the state already has been downgraded in the world markets every i'm not the only person who knows it the united states is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world look at the value of the u.s. dollar is down fairly significantly over the past few years they have to increase again ceiling for the moment there's no question about doubt their choice though for the future is they've got to take an axe you know they've got to take a chainsaw to government spending and do something about it they're not going to do that they might announce they're going to do it for this to get the budget ceiling
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passed put aside going to have any effect everybody sees that washington is not going to solve this problem and more and more people are looking for something to replace the u.s. dollars. well things are a little better in europe with italy now the focus of attempts to stop the eurozone from falling into oblivion well i'm zapruder something billion euro cuts back and should void the need to ask for a bailout it's the euro zone's third largest economy could prove too big for its neighbors to say meanwhile eight out of nineteen european banks have failed stress tests to see if they can survive another financial crisis british people not all believe the latest developments proved the single currency union is simply not working. this was always about politics it was not how economics the idea that you could have economies in the mediterranean in line with economies like germany fast growing economies like germany was never going to read the only way to get out of this mess is for those countries to go back on to the international court and see
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the value lost losing. the exports going in at the moment because if you say that because they couldn't see these are controlled by frankfurt they're controlled by the european central bank they're not controlled by athens or lisbon told even thought look we see the people out on the streets and athens and i just wonder how long it will be because the people out in the streets in rome ran in lisbon and thought this thing is contagious this thing will move right across the continent specifically in the mediterranean and the big issue now facing the european union is really italy is the third largest economy in the eurozone lace largest economy in the world i think the eurozone can actually cope with greece and portugal the smaller economies if italy goes the whole thing could cave in because if this really goes italy's economy into tried with spain's kind of spain and italy go then we are in serious trouble. without a head in the programming clue doing rev square. it's
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a four wheeled frenzy is high speed of formula one super cars that screech right through the center. are just doing their weekly you're not looking at the best headlines of the week let's pause for a moment and check out some international headlines of today the u.s. led coalition has started handing over control of some of afghanistan's territories to local security forces the central region has become the first of seven areas where that's to happen ahead of the end of nato as combat operations in the country in two thousand and fourteen senior ministers and foreign ambassadors mark the event by visiting the province which remained relatively peaceful throughout the new decade long occupation of afghanistan. venezuelan president hugo chavez is in cuba for more cancer treatment including chemotherapy you know more malignant cells have been found after he had surgery to remove a tumor from the region he's transferred some powers to his ministers during his
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absence i didn't agree to opposition calls for a temporary handover of all presidential authority is a battle with cancer has raised doubts over his fitness to lead the country but officially he still plans to run for reelection next year. egypt's prime minister has begun a major cabinet reshuffle after public protests demanding political reform again played out in the country foreign minister has resigned while two new deputy prime ministers have been appointed interim prime ministers are being forced to make changes after widespread anger that little appears to have changed at the top since president barack was ousted in a struggle for land rights in israel there's one place that's still a deserted territory and use of your flourishing palestinian community but now israelis are eyeing it up as a luxury getaway. as the story. and this sort of the mountains of jerusalem are the remains of a once bustling arab community only the memories of those who once lived here have
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survived intact i feel. the come back and bring. my village and i. can see the hobson's. also. in my car that. there could be up among the cacti and fixed trees but in one nine hundred forty eight just before the state of israel was declared his family evacuated unlike the hundreds of arab villages that disappeared in forty eight and sixty seven most of the original houses of lifter are still here so they really were heard shooting. and so. they will shoot you in the middle of the hall which will hold. our mother took us inside the room in a corner and then the children so as to protect us here could pose one of seven
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hundred thousand palestinians who became a refugee in one nine hundred forty eight his childhood home was quickly absorbed by the newly established jewish state almost every palestinian who lived in london for two and if he was forced to go just because you were rewritten he is considered as absentee and he lost the property in the early one nine hundred fifty s. jews moved into the abandoned homes like you only your finance parents they were also refugees fleeing arab countries we life had become dangerous after israel was created the israeli government simply to live in gifter your niece is to prevent arab owners from returning or undercurrent here and therefore to live here years without water without electricity there came here. for the memory here is very important most of the original two hundred jewish families lived because life in the mountains was difficult and the government was slow to develop the area no one
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has lived to me is how those for forty six years all happened mains are stone walls we were throwers and grass now grow lifter is empty. and it's into that emptiness that the israeli government now plans to build more than two hundred luxury homes and shake hotel shops and a newseum insisting they'll preserve the area's history we will find ourselves with a neighborhood where history has been concert there will also be documentation and the story will be told of who lived there as we do in all the neighborhoods of jerusalem but many luckier could save palestinian land and a double injustice. to destroy our. yeah me. for a new three will came from anywhere where the way i've come in my village and come
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back. to america my freedom and liberty. this. is so i'm going for palestinians left there is a physical the mind of injustice and survival but for a fair number of israelis it's an eyesore and they'd rather not be reminded of what happened here every time they tried to jerusalem policy r.t. lifter. you without the life in the heart of the russian capital and several moscow streets are impossible right now not because of the notorious traffic jams they've been sealed off to temporarily become the realm of the fast and the furious have a look at this the annual moscow city racing show was a full throttle and a four wheeled friends seeing drivers pushing the pedal to the metal and while doing it try other televisions at top gear it seemed worth there to pick it all off rather push it off as they sent this unlucky song punching seventy meters of the end of a bungee and yes there was somebody inside
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a female member of the audience so hopefully ball strapped in both woman and machine emerged unscathed and even though the heavy rain couldn't stop filming i once called speeding past the kremlin a sort of rehearsal one grand prix which russia will host and three years' time. all right so those are the headlines are more to come in just a few moments so do stay with us.
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measure disciplinary on. the. word. could the penitentiary system transform a criminal into a law abiding citizen. intrusion. life behind bars on r.g.p. . forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents will be a thousand. seven hundred thousand people murdered and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year parkas eases even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every day here.
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wealthy british soil samples and sometimes guys. with. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. sheinkopf orations or the day.


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